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        Pillow Hoddy
        Fashionable and functional clothing brands.
        The built in inflatable pillow!
        Pillowdy is a functional clothing that can be used as a neck pillow
        regardless of location or situation.
        If you blow air into the air inlet, the fabric swells up in just a few seconds
        and it becomes a neck pillow.
        It's also very easy and fast to get rid of air.
        The air inlet, which is the part that touches the mouth,
        can be cleaned by dismantling and being made of PE material
        that is harmless to the human body.
        Thoughtfully designed air valve, you can open and close them
        with just one hand, and inflate and deflate the neck pillow in seconds.
        The air valves were made with PE materials
        which are not just harmless to human body but also easy to clean.
        Our neck pillows are made out of stretchable fabric
        and can be adjusted to fit all neck lengths.
        Many neck pillows slide away from your neck
        and provide little to no neck support,
        causing more strain and leaving your neck vulnerable to injuries.
        However, stably secured with zippers,
        the Pillowdy’s neck pillow provides proper neck and head support,
        reducing the stress on the cervical spine.